Having your own large farm or several miners involves a lot of difficulties, including the requirements for wiring and the need to constantly monitor the technical condition. Mining hotel is considered the best option for the placement of equipment. Our employees install and connect the devices themselves, and then you can control them on-line.

Mining hotel is a large enough area where you can leave your own equipment for mining, and it’s cost in rubles is democratic. After drawing up the contract and specifying the conditions, the engineers will place the device for storage. ASIC or farm is connected to electricity, industrial ventilation, and in the building there is a point of protection. The client chooses the mined cryptocurrency himself, and we monitor the preservation of the technical serviceability of the equipment.

Why is a mining hotel better than a home farm?


There are many reasons to place an existing farm in a mining hotel.

Among the most significant are highlighted:

  • clean room;
  • 24/7 security;
  • electricity is supplied stably;
  • service engineers with the appropriate level of tolerance;
  • cryptocurrency and the pool is chosen personally by the owner of the miner, providing income in accordance with personal experience.

In addition to the cost and convenience of storage equipment, rent a place in the data center in Moscow has another important advantage-cooling. Its capacity is enough for high-quality ventilation equipment, and the price is initially included in the overall rate.

There are two types of placement, depending on the equipment used:

  1. Farm. Here, the racks are selected individually, because the equipment for cryptocurrency mining often has non-standard sizes. Each ruble is calculated and paid into the contract to avoid even small overpayments.
  2. ASIC. For each type of equipment is selected the optimal stand. Our room can accommodate light domestic design, modern production facilities and industrial miners type FM2018-BT2000.

Before signing the documents, we stipulate the price so that the customer has the opportunity to calculate the benefit. Engineers will immediately place and connect your miners, then you will be able to track their work. Each ruble of payment is taken for the time in the work, so the maximum payback of the device.

The purchase and placement

Quite often we are approached by customers to immediately purchase and place ASIC-miner. This approach is quite convenient, because you do not need to free up space and lay the wiring in the room. Mining equipment is immediately connected and put into operation

Please contact our company for the purchase of mining equipment and its subsequent placement. If necessary, managers will help to make the right choice, which will certainly satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The cost of accommodation and maintenance

The device Electricity, per kWh Maintenance per month
Antminer S9/L3+/D3 4 RUB 1000 RUB


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