Asic Miners

Antminer X3

123 350 rub

Antminer L3+

44 600 rub

Antminer L3++

50 050 rub

Antminer E3

139 100 rub

Antminer S9i

62 450 rub

Antminer D3

32 300 rub

Antminer T9+

49 550 rub

Antminer V9

22 000 rub

Cryptocurrency mining farms have been actively used since 2012, but today their capacity is not enough for sure earnings. Today, mining involves the use of low-cost high-speed equipment, which is compact and practically does not create discomfort to the inhabitants of the room. One of the leaders in production was the company Bitmain, which produces Antminer for various operating systems.

Advantages of ready-to-start solutions

ASICs have long competed with farms because their cost was approximately equal, and the advantages periodically outweighed each other.

Among the most significant reasons for Bitcoin mining on ASICs are the following:

  • ease of operation;
  • specialized settings for the algorithm;
  • chips are selected only for the relevant calculations;
  • there is no need to allocate a room for equipment;
  • comfortable chase.

According to Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Ethereum project, today ASIC surpasses the farm of the same price level by 2.5 times, because of which the production of crypto currency is relevant only in the already finished productive assembly.

How to choose a miner

Asic Miners

In order to choose and buy mining equipment in our company, you need to consider all the models.

In the study of Antminer ASICs, special attention is given to the following factors:

  • efficiency;
  • electricity consumption;
  • base cost;
  • type of tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many others);
  • operating conditions;
  • heat, noise and vibration.

Order ASIC miners wholesale in our data center in Moscow, and soon you can start mining the desired coins.