Answers to frequently asked questions:

What is the manufacturing time of the mobile data center?

The production time is 22 working days. It is possible to reduce the production time by an individual arrangement.

What is the calculation procedure?

Launching a mobile data center in production is carried out after making an advance payment of 50% of the cost. The remaining 50% is entered on the fact of readiness.

Can I make changes to the mobile data center project?

The standard project of the mobile data center is determined by the maximum price-quality-reliability ratio, but we are ready to take into account the customer's wishes and make changes to the project so that the finished mobile data center fully meets the customer's requirements.

On the basis of which manufacturer do you produce mobile data centers?

We produce mobile data centers based on standard marine containers. Products are used as components of such brands as Schneider Electric, IEK, ABB, OWEN, Rexant, Mikrotik, Tp-Link, MSI.

Can you send a mobile data center to a region or another country?

Thanks to our partner vr-logistic.ru, we can deliver a mobile data center to almost anywhere in the world.

Do you guarantee and post-warranty service?

The standard warranty period for all our equipment is 1 year. At the conclusion of the contract on service it is possible to increase the warranty period of its operation.