Equipment for mining

Asic Miners

RPCM ME module

The market of electronic currencies is actively developing, so it appears quite familiar specialties. The separation is performed on 4 segments – trading, work on ICO, investing and mining of cryptocurrencies. Mining equipment is constantly changing and evolving, so today to work with it can even a beginner without the amount of technical knowledge.

Methods of mining crypto

There is a division of mining equipment by 3 types:

  1. With a processor. A primitive option, suitable only for the youngest cryptocurrencies, the complexity of the production of which is low.
  2. With a GPU-farm. An effective way of earning, in which mining is completely in the hands of the user. To get started, you need a large financial infusion and skills to build working equipment that will not overheat in 10 minutes.
  3. With an ASIC equipment. Modern devices with low price and exceptional performance. They have a narrow focus (algorithm), but the mining process goes quite quickly.

To start mining cryptocurrency in Moscow, you only need to contact our company and select the device, you’re interesting in. On sale there is equipment from the best manufacturers from China.

Equipment for mining

Equipment selection

You can simply buy an ASIC, but only if you know in advance the list of tokens that you want to mine. Mostly the preference is given to Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Zcash, Ethereum and the Bitcoin Cash.

During the selection process, focus on the following:

  • necessary space;
  • electricity consumption;
  • noise level;
  • base cost;
  • payback period.

On sale there are devices that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. If necessary, the Manager will advise on issues of interest.

Cooperation with us

We sell equipment from the best manufacturers, so that every customer was sure of the right choice. The catalog presents the available models, their characteristics and description. Prices for products are maintained at a democratic level.

Contact our online store and order equipment that allows you to engage in mining without restrictions. We sell the devices differing in efficiency and low cost. After ordering, the Manager sends the miner to the specified point of Russia.