Container 20FT-200

20-foot container for Mining Pool
20-foot container for Mining Pool
20-foot container for Mining Pool
20-foot container for Mining Pool
20-foot container for Mining Pool
20-foot container for Mining Pool

Container 20FT-200

  • It is designed to install up to 200-from Antminer S9 / L3 + / D3 devices.
  • Input power 300 kW a
  • Installed 6 exhaust fans with high power, which allows you to completely change the air in the container every 30 seconds. The fans are controlled automatically depending on the temperature mode inside the room.
  • In the container, a router with a 4G modem with wiring to each device is installed.

Price: от 1 250 000 rub


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Possible number of installed devices, pcs

Antminer S9 200
Antminer L3 + 200
Antminer D3 200
Other Devices on request


Ambient temperature -35 to +35
Smooth platform for installing the container m. sq. 20
Electricity supply 3 phases 380V 300kW is
The layout from the main switchboard to 10 minibox for 24 modules 5 * 10
Power cable, copper, mm.k 5 * 185
Earthing is

20 - foot standard container (Dry Cube)

Length, mm. 6058
Width, mm. 2438
Height, mm. 2591
Weight, kg 2250

Racks for installing devices, pcs.

Length, mm 1000
Width, mm 400
Height, mm 2450
Shelves pcs 6
Payload, kg per rack 1000
Number of devices on the rack, pcs 20
Polycarbonate 6058 * 2591, pcs 2

Shield of power supply and automation

Switched current, A 500
Supply Voltage 380V 3F
Frequency converter 2
Thermal resistance transducer 2
Schneide SSR shield 1
Automation panels for 1 rack with 20 ABB automatons 10
Power cables 3 * 1.5mm square pcs 200
Sockets, pcs 26
Container lighting luminaire, pcs 2


Axial fan with jalousies 13000 m cube 6
Filter class M5 cleaning, pcs 9


The router with usb output Mikrotik 1
24-port TP-Link switch 10
Patch cord category 6, pcs 230

Video Surveillance

CCTV camera with IR illumination and motion sensors, pcs 1


Door opening sensor, piece 1

Control System (Set)

Nettop (Intel N3060, DDR3 4GB, 64GB (SSD), Win10), 19 "monitor, keyboard, mouse 1


The mobile data center based on a 20 ft. sea container is a complete Plug&Play system designed for building a mining pool. It has 200 mounting seats for Antminer S9/L3+/D3. There is a pre-installed and pre-set ventilation system with automatic power adjustment depending on the temperature inside the container.


Parts from the best global manufacturers and industry leaders secure the quality, reliability and safety.



Pre-Installed Equipment

As standard, the mining container includes:

  • A Mikrotik managed router with its own operational system, which allows the traffic management and flexible adjustments;
  • 10 TP-Link non-managed routers, one per each 20 ASICs;
  • An IP CCTV camera with a night shooting mode, motion sensor and smartphone alerts;
  • The operator terminal consisting of a MSI nettop, 19" monitor, keyboard and mouse.