ASIC Placement

Installation of equipment for cryptocurrency mining has many features and requirements that must be observed. Placing miners in your own home is risky, because the lack of quality cooling and unstable power supply reduce the period of operation of the equipment.

We are ready to host almost any system, because the cooling capacity and reliable power supply will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Placement of mining equipment in a specialized data center

ASIC PlacementTo place miners in our data center, you only need to contact the Manager and specify the terms of cooperation.

When signing a contract for the placement of your device, be sure to specify the following nuances:

  • the site has a stable supply of current to the equipment and a separate electrical substation, ensuring uninterrupted power supply;
  • round-the-clock technical control;
  • industrial cooling systems for placed miners are used;
  • ASIC has access to unlimited high-speed Internet from the moment it is placed and launched;
  • the possibility of reducing the cost of cooperation with a large number of installed equipment;
  • the room is clean, which eliminates dusting devices.

Data center "Dva A" has round-the-clock security, ensuring the safety of the installed equipment. As a result, the miner is protected from any unwanted effects after placement.

Why is remote placement profitable?

The price of placing miners is maintained at a democratic level, so that everyone can install their miners at any time. Placing the device on our site is the best solution for people who appreciate efficiency and competent approach.

Among the most significant factors are:

  • no risk of voltage drops, ensuring trouble - free operation of the equipment;
  • system operation is monitored by engineers for smooth operation, which increases profits to a high level;
  • ASICs are under constant protection;
  • stable high-speed Internet increases the possibility of mining.

Convenience of remote location

ASIC PlacementThe placement of miners has long been limited only to individual rooms in the house, but this is inconvenient due to the high level of system noise, temperatures in the 50-60S, limited space in the room and the need to constantly monitor the technical condition of the equipment.

Cooperation with us radically changes the situation, making it comfortable for everyone:

  • keep track of your miner online conveniently, from the time when it will be posted;
  • round the clock security equipment;
  • ASIC has the power and ability to work at high power without the risk of overheating the device;
  • you can place any number of miners, and with the increase in the number of reduced cost;
  • the equipment does not occupy space in the room and does not interfere with noise during operation.

Mining is performed on ASICs and farms, and each device has a lot of features in the works. Employees will carefully place the equipment, set it up, measure the power and only then run. In this case, miners bring exceptional profits at a minimum cost of electricity.

The location of the farms and miners in Moscow today, available to anyone interested. Our data center provides the necessary services to maintain the health of the equipment and monitor its technical condition.